Concrete Services in Billings, MT - M.R. Concrete

M.R. Concrete is a leading craftsman in residential and commercial concrete. With over eleven years in the industry we have the knowledge and training to provide consistent professional product each time and every time.

M.R. Concrete specializes in all things concrete from driveways, sidewalks, patios, steps, garage floors, basement floors, and also mono walls. Check out our photo gallery to view our portfolio first hand.

When it comes to artistry, we excel in craftsmanship. Owner and craftsman, Matthew Roberts, is a perfectionist and loves what he does. It shows in the details of his work and his talent to work with concrete is an art form. Our team of trained concrete professionals have honed their skills and tools to manipulate the textures, appearance, or composition of the concrete to bring out the most highly defined accent to a home or business.

They also specialize in interior floor structures. Whether you are interested in a high gloss marble look or an exposed aggregate, we’ll provide you with the polished professional work of sculpted perfection.

We offer a variety of concrete services for indoor and outdoor use. Our specialties include patios, stairs, driveways and interior flooring. We can do basic concrete services, such as fill-ins, but we also offer many options for finishing the concrete to reveal a polished product that accents a backyard, man cave, or entry way.

M.R. Concrete has a vision for finely detailed artistic styling where most people just see basic grey concrete slabs. One of the benefits of using concrete flooring, for interior and exterior use, is an easy to maintain and highly functional flooring option. And most often it is more affordable than many of the alternatives.

M.R. Concrete provides repairs to cracked and aging concrete surfaces.

M.R. Concrete takes great pride in the quality of their work and stand behind it 100%. However, we do understand that over time concrete, like all things, fade.  In Montana it is important to maintain driveways, sidewalks, and patios from the rough winters that cause concrete to expand and contract with temperature changes.

Our work is most often out in the elements and the changing temperatures can greatly effect the condensation and moisture in and on a concrete surface. Even without exposure to the elements, over time, the earth and landscaping gradually change, shifts, and slides. We do our best to plan ahead and consult with our clients on locations for backyard patios and driveways, but even the best plans over time are altered by the weather conditions and shifting earth. We value our work and would be glad to repair and cracked, chipped, or warped concrete.  Contact Matthew and we can schedule a visit.